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Winchester Project
Winchester Project

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Work undertaken

River Railings

This was a structure to be situated over a weir. It needed to be ornate with something special in its design, so as to seamlessly blend into the character of the beautiful location on the river. A feature panel cleverly covered an important water management feature. As the location was in a river, we required a method of working within deep water areas. We used scaffold in the water for access.

The balance in the design was important. The steel balustrade needed to be structurally strong enough to work yet delicate in style to be an aesthetically pleasing feature. The intricacy in the design made this work. The robust technical design was as important as the detailed styling.

Project Details

  • Balustrade over weir
  • Water management feature
  • Handmade design
  • Ornate detail and robust feature
  • Technically challenging
Winchester Project