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St Marks Steel Structure 1
St Marks Steel Structure 1
St Marks Steel Structure 2
St Marks Steel Structure 3
St Marks Steel Structure 4

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St Marks School

Work undertaken

School Sports Hall Large Steel Structure Trusses and Connections

Our ability to step up to challenges in design fabrication and installation meant Alpine was targeted as the contractor of choice for this project.

We were asked to construct a new sports hall for St Marks Catholic School, a secondary school in Hounslow, London. This was originally designed in timber but the client requested a last minute change to incorporate steel trusses and connections to match those of the existing building. This resulted in the Alpine design team acting swiftly to incorporate this significant late design change, without lengthening the deadline and impacting the project. The steelwork was an exposed feature of the architecture so had to appear flawless.

We added multiple bolt connections, to match those of the existing building. The multiple bolt connections added an extra layer of challenges, as we had to ensure standard tolerances were met. This project was undertaken in an active school and under the flight path of Heathrow. We needed to have strict safety protocols. Planned deliveries and extra crane supervision were required for coordination to run smoothly and without issues.

Project Details

  • School sports hall
  • Requested major lastminute design change
  • Multiple connections and steel trusses
  • Installed in active school
  • Strict crane supervision under flight path
St Marks Project