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Saville Row 1
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Savile Row

When style matters

Staircases Balustrades Handcrafted design

This was a commission for a clothes store called Abercrombie and Fitch. We had to install eight flights of structural steel stairs, fitted into an existing brick stairwell, which was an inconsistent stairwell with differing heights.

Once the staircase was installed, we fitted timber treds, followed by a bespoke forged balustrade design. The design concept was to match the balustrade the client had seen in Portugal. We flew to Portugal to template the balustrade design referenced by the client. We made a cast of the design, brought it back to the UK and created the identical metalwork before building it into the staircase. This was all finished off by hand and completed to the highest standards.

Project Details

  • Eight staircases and balustrades for clothes store
  • Installing timber treds
  • Flew abroad to template desired design
  • Blacksmith hand-finishing design
  • Completed to highest standards
Saville Row Project