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Forest Bannister 1
Forest Bannister 1
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Forest of Bere

Grand design for a stately home

Balustrades in concrete stairs

This was a new build, a private stately home in a beautiful location in Hampshire. It had a twin staircase leading to the main landing. Alpine designed, manufactured and installed the concrete stairs with and balustrades. The main challenge was a very short lead time.

There was a trade overlap as the stairs had stone treds. The stones were overlaid and we had to mark it out and survey it for accuracy when drilling the stone, as their were no cover collars or holes. We were required to drill into stairs and also the steelwork. The holes had to accurately follow the staircase sweep. The result was a beautifully minimalistic design but one which did not detract from the grand entrance.

Project Details

  • Balustrades and concrete twin stairs
  • Working in new build stately home
  • Working aligned with other trades
  • Precise drilling
  • Surveying
Forest of Bere Project