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Dragon Banister 1
Dragon Banister 1
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Perfecting details with balustrades

Balustrade 3D Modelling Special finish

This was a balustrade on a concrete staircase. A conceptual designed by the client had to be developed into reality. The staircase wasn’t formed well as it had inconsistencies. This made it difficult to survey. We decided to undertake a 3D scan of the staircase, enabling us to model it exactly. The discrepancies in the concrete stairs in radius and rise were overcome with this method. We then overlaid our staircase in the electronic model. We had the specific technical expertise to make our balustrades work.

Numerous samples were made until the client approved and the design had to incorporate weldless connections for all the joints. This required a high level of engineering to make it work. The final challenge was spraying the entire balustrade whilst near completion, on site. It required extensive masking of areas, whilst the house had a final fitout. The staircase remained live with many passing trades working in unison. For a special touch it had an antique brass liquid metal topcoat finish.

Project Details

  • Modelling staircase
  • Bespoke design of staircase
  • Onsite finishing
  • Working alongside other trades
Dragon project