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Coles Project
Coles Project
Coles Project

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Specialist skills to achieve the aesthetics

Main Balustrade Feature Staircase

This was a modern house project, where we were required to facilitate the main balustrade and a feature staircase. We were chosen for skills, experience and ability to deliver the required results. It was stipulated that the finished look had to appear as if in natural state, so we had to protect it with a special welding process and used specialist skills to achieve the aesthetics.

Here we worked alongside an architect we regularly partnered with, who we had developed a real trust and rapport with, which is not unusual for us. This meant communicating the vision and checking that vision against reality, was a smooth and frictionless process. Working well with architects is crucial for achieving results needed. The house we worked within had reinforced concrete floors with concrete stairs. It was very modern and very contemporary. Our challenge was working with lots of materials with different tolerances. We planned and analysed the design concepts meticulously as always, to ensure the concept design was suitable, possible and achievable.

Project Details

  • Worked closely with architect
  • Planned and analysed suitable materials
  • Skilled installation of balustrade and staircase
  • Attention to natural state aesthetic for finish
  • Highly specialist skills needed for many tasks
Coles Project