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BBC White City Project
BBC White City Project
BBC White City Project
BBC White City Project

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BBC White City

Helical stairs for world-renowned broadcaster

Helical Staircases Railings

Alpine had to install several large steel helical staircases into the old iconic BBC building. This was a major job and with tight deadline which meant we had to go the extra mile and work over Christmas to get it finished on time for the client. We had to first work out install routes into the building as access was challenging. This meant that we needed to break down each staircase into manageable parts to fit in the building, before reassembling them in situ.

We began with a basic sketch and from that, we designed all the technical specifications to make the sketch a reality. We had to also work out calculations for floors, loadbearing and provide additional steel support to strengthen the area. Another consideration was that we needed to work simultaneously alongside numerous other installation teams to get it finished in time. Adopting the right mindset was critical for working in this setting, with other trades.

Project Details

  • Tight deadlines
  • From basic sketch we designed technical specifications
  • Worked out install route
  • Broke down and reassembled in situ
  • Worked alongside multiple other trades in large project
BBC White City Project