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Avenue Rd Project
Avenue Rd Project
Avenue Rd Project
Avenue Rd Project
Avenue Rd Project
Avenue Rd Project

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Avenue Rd

Exquisitely handcrafted spindles

Survey Bespoke Spindles Balustrades Railing Staircase

The Avenue Rd project involved a residential property in North London. The work undertaken involved making bespoke ‘one of a kind’ spindles to be inserted into a spiral stone staircase. This was a challenge ideally suited to our blacksmiths, where every tiny detail had to be just right.

Each spindle was individually worked, with a view to being part of the curved and climbing staircase. This was a very demanding technical challenge with many ‘no second chance’ operations. The right materials needed to be sourced and the expertise for the job had to be second to none. Our trusted craftsmen were the best choice for this kind of work and the finished results spoke for themselves.

Project Details

  • Individually crafted pieces
  • Unique ‘one off’ specifications
  • Tested to withstand required loadings
  • Drilled holes had to be perfect in stone stairs
  • Collaboration with customer and other contractors
  • Curving and climbing staircase
  • Very demanding specifications for continuous flow of handrail
  • Many ‘no second chance’ tasks