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Looking For A Reliable Staircase Supplier? It’s Wise To Read This First

Looking for a Reliable Staircase Supplier? It’s Wise to Read This First

The reason for this blog is in the last two months The Alpine Group has picked up an unprecedented number of projects where previous suppliers have sadly gone out of business. We’ve been approached to effectively rescue projects. With 50 years of trading under our belt and with the industry as it is, we are reflecting on what we do differently to ensure our commitments are always met.

It’s heartbreaking in any industry when companies crumble under the pressures of economic changes, cost hikes or just getting their business model wrong. It’s also tough on customers, as in the fabrication business you need to rely on your supplier. We’re mindful that Alpine has always been robust and thrives even in adverse climates, so the question is, why is that?

Here we share some business wisdom earned from half a century of delivering the highest quality staircases and balustrades.

What matters for your choice of staircase supplier:

Values and reputation

These two words are critical for choosing a stairs supplier. It’s no mystery that family businesses weather storms to survive where many businesses fail. There is a reason for that, and that’s being people-centric, having family values at the core and being more than balance sheets and tick-lists to customers. We are straight-talking, we take pride in our work from the relationship-building to the final installation.

Doing the sums right

It amazes us constantly when we hear of a company undercutting or promising the moon on a stick for prices that defy the reality of a staircase build. We are fully transparent when it comes to costs, and forewarn of unforeseen costs too. There is never any point in saying you’ll deliver a staircase and then piling on extra charges, or soaking them up and being unable to complete the project. It will for one, damage the two important things we mentioned above. It’s also true to say many companies go bust from lack of cash, not lack of work. Unrealistic deals lead to business death.

Listening to the team

In The Alpine Group, the owners are part of the team with 360-degree feedback, where everyone is regarded on one level. The staff are enabled to share their views and voices candidly. We listen to each other to divulge what we know and learn in an environment that ensures we all grow in our experience together as an entity, and as a brand. We have regular meetings involving the whole company.

In The Alpine Group, the owners are part of the team with 360-degree feedback, where everyone is regarded on one level. The staff are enabled to share their views and voices candidly.

The quality of our work

Projects are our priority. We care about what we do and how we do it. You are always only as good as your worst day, so we try to iron those out and learn from them. We trust our suppliers because we have built solid, long-term relationships with them. We make sure we are not let down in turn. The end goal of every day is to make sure the client gets their project on spec, on time and within the budget.

Accountability at every stage

We do not take on a project until all the heads of departments are in agreement. We have to have the thumbs up in our design office, for workshop capacity, with the site teams, and ultimately the commercials and cash flow need approval. The whole team must agree the logistics are feasible. In turn, this gives our clients reassurance. We have a clear system to sign off projects, so we know we are going to deliver.

Importantly, we all feel rewarded at The Alpine Group when we add another superb staircase to our portfolio and it’s true today, that there are not many towns we haven’t provided a staircase in. Every project that comes to completion to the satisfaction of our clients tells us that we are doing it right. Our biggest advice is don’t always choose the cheapest option because in reality, you can end up paying twice. When it comes to staircases, contact us first. We will get the job done.